Hello all

This may not sound like a civil question but I can assure you it is related to civil engineering.

I am trying to export elevation data from Google Earth Pro of a town in Peru.

I have obtained latitude, longitude and altitude data for the area I am interested in however I need to convert this into XYZ data so that I can import into CAD.

Below is some sample data.

type latitude longitude altitude (m)
T -4.455632478 -81.282908910 10.2
T -4.455643367 -81.282879320 10.3
T -4.455643597 -81.282869709 10.4

The reason for this is because I want to see where it would be possible to design a Gravity based Reed Bed System so I need to ensure the homes are at a higher elevation than my Reed Bed.

Can anyone?

Thank you.