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Thread: Spur Gear DP Nube Question

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    Spur Gear DP Nube Question

    Hey All
    Firstly I would like to say Thank You to the creators of this site for allowing free use of the gear generator.

    My issue is that the project I am working on requires a gear set of 112Teeth & 14Teeth gears. I can buy the gears I need in metric ie Module 1, but it's really expensive; around $1000 AUD for the set (including 8 of the smaller gears.)

    I see a lot of 112T 64DP gears out there which are really cheap (starting at $10), but I cannot find 14T 64DP gears anywhere. Surely it's not impossible to make them as it can be made in metric/module.

    Is there something I am not understanding in the DP range?

    Where can I find a 14Teeth Gear to suit a 112 Teeth 64DP gear?

    Cheers for your time.

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    14T 64DP is a very small pinion gear and availability is driven by demand and manufacturability as well.

    I suggest that you redesign for the same gear ratio using a pinion that is clearly available from multiple suppliers.
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