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Thread: Static Newtons

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    Static Newtons

    I'm having a test done of cutting force, using sharpened wood on bone. The research institute has problems: "It is a debate whether impact loading can be replaced with equivalent static loading. I had similar discussion with an Eng Manager who uses a conservative dynamic amplification factor for designing steel bollards for vehicle impact".

    A human arm Force in punching (in .06seconds, probably .5 meter distance)is 2.5kN. If the Mass in increased at 1G by static load to 2.5kN, will the test be accurate?

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    Yes, impact force can be approximated and the determined.

    The formula is:

    F = W + ( 1 + ( 2 h M ) / ( W L ) )

    Where: F = Force (in pounds of force) that will be generated when these 4 known values are plugged into the equation:
    W = weight (of falling object in pounds)
    h = height of fall (in feet)
    M = modulus of material impacted (in pounds)
    L = total length of rope (in feet)

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