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Thread: Need help with a building designs chool project

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    Need help with a building designs chool project

    So I'm taking a Reinforced concrete course this semester, and our professor is having us design a building for out course project. Problem is, our professor is far from being an actualy professor so we are left in the dark. We were thinking of doing a 4 story building, where the first two floors are made for parking and the second two classrooms. If anyone has any information regarding the initial design process of a building, as for superstructure, substructure and cost estimation it will be greatly appreciated.

    Any files of schematics, spread sheets, or any files at all would help out my team tremendously.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Hi niner123 and welcome to the forum,

    I'm curious... what is your major and where are you from?

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    My guess would be UNC Charlotte, but I could be wrong.

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