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Thread: Material Identification

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    Material Identification

    Hello everybody. I've lurked here for some time and thought I had an account but if I did it must have been with a no longer active email account so I had to sign up again to post.

    I have been give a "pie" shaped wedge to reverse engineer. I was told it was a "bearing wedge rocker" and it origin is European. We have a "gun" that identifies material but it does not have a match in its database. I've looked through The Metals Black Book and MatWeb trying to come up with a material but haven't had any luck. The part is 51 Rc and has the following composition according to the "gun":

    Nb .013%
    Cu .971%
    Ni .044%
    Fe 93.56%
    Mn .516%
    Cr .031%
    S .372%
    P .016%
    Si 4.48%

    The Chromium and Nickel look low to me and the Silicone looks very high. Anybody have a good source to "reverse" a material spec from a given composition?
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