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Thread: Looking for advice on engineering companies

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    Looking for advice on engineering companies

    Not sure if this is the right sub-forum but I couldn't find a closer fit.

    I'm wondering if anybody currently employed could advise a 10+ yr Mechanical on a good company to apply for work that meets the following criteria:

    Automotive manufacturing (OEM, Tier 1/2 supplier, etc)
    Infrequent business travel (~15%) (particularly to Japan)
    Medium/Large company size with pure engineering (non-management) roles paying at least 90k
    Office located in the GTA or within say 75km of the core

    Most of these are pretty generic but I want to know which companies do business overseas, especially Japan and which would offer lots of troubleshooting field work and not just administrative or cad or that sort of thing. The only company I have found on my own that might do this is MHI. Wondering if there are others? Thanks!

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    I'm locking this thread as these questions tend to attract spam..

    The general advice I would extend to you is to utilize the services of a professional talent hunter. Additionally, after identifying a candidate organization do an internet search on that company for former employees reviews. There are misc. websites that catalog comments from previous employees.

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