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Thread: Hitting with the pipes underground while construction

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    Hitting with the pipes underground while construction

    In a power industry, and if contruction of FGD project ( Flue gas De sulphurisation ) is going on in that industry. Assume initially when Geo technical investigation performed, a fire water pipe underground got hit. And we dont have layout for the fire water pipes underground. And later we came to know that an industry nearby uses a water pipe which is going underground in our industry. And we dont know how many public utility pipes are going underground in our industry.

    1. My first concern is: How to handle hitting issue with the fire water pipes in this industry whose layout we dont have.
    2. My second concern is: There may be many ********** located far this industry like more than 30 KM, and they may also have water pipes below our industry serving them, and there may chance of hitting with those pipes.
    3. My third concern is: How to handle construcion without damaging public utility pipes going underground in this industry.

    Most important issue is: we dont know at what depths these pipes are there underground in our industry.

    Kindly guide me how to handle above problems

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    In my part of the world we have a ground survey done by professionals with the right technology who mark out where all underground utilities are - piping, wires etc..

    A survey of those finding are then understood and a plan formulated. Digging crews, etc. are properly informed or supervised to minimize damaging these utilities. In some cases the utilities may be re-located to facilitate the construction project.

    When a utility is damaged during construction that utility owner is notified for repairs and re-service. It is not clear what liability are held by the damaging crew to myself.
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