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Thread: Possible Engineering Job Fields

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    My Two Cents Possible Engineering Job Fields

    Hello folks,

    Iíll start by saying that I have a tendency to go off on tangents and get ramble-y when I have a lot of thoughts going on at once, so Iíll do my best to limit that and I apologize in advance if that occurs here.

    Iím a new member here, as well as a new engineer who has recently graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology. Iím currently working as a product engineer in the RV industry, but Iím realizing that this isnít really the field Iíd like to pursue. Before becoming an engineer, I was used to working fairly physical jobs that required me to work with my hands more (mechanic, etc.), and I realize that I really enjoy that kind of work and would like to have a career that lets me physically build things and use my hands in other ways as well (although maybe something a little less physically demanding most of the time). That said, I also do enjoy using CAD programs, specifically SolidWorks. I also have particular interests in astronomy, heavy equipment (construction equipment and similar), and cars/trucks.

    Does anyone have any ideas for TYPES of jobs (not necessarily specific companies) that might be more like what Iím looking for? I plan on staying in this job for a little while longer, as it is a good company and it pays pretty decently for me being just out of college (and only technically having an associateís degree, despite the position being the same as anyone with a bachelorís degree would get here) and I also intend to move across the country to AZ or similar area as soon as my wife and I can save up for a house, but this information would help me think about and research my future more clearly as I develop my professional skills as an engineer.

    My ideal job description would be something that gives me a problem to solve and then lets me attempt to solve it, perhaps by deisgning and then creating a prototype part and figuring out how to get it to all work together. I enjoy finding creative solutions to problems (perhaps thatís why I became an engineer).

    I appreciate everyoneís time and possible suggestions, and if anyone has any other advice for me as well then that would be greatly appreciated!
    Have a great day.

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    You just need to send out resumes and get head hunters to help. Evaluate the opportunities as there are presented and take the best option. Be ready to take better opportunity when it happens. If the opportunity presents itself open the door and take it

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