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Thread: Pneumatic valve identification

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    Pneumatic valve identification

    I'm looking at a Resin Machine which is currently working.
    I would like to get some new valves in as spares as every now and again there is little bit of smoke/vapor in the area of these 3 valves.
    I'm an electronic's tech and not mechanical.
    I've worked out 2 of the valves from the print I think.
    PLL-C10 and PLJ-C10.
    Does anyone know what the middle electrical valve is?

    Cheers in advance
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    The PLL-C10 and PLJ-C10 are common pnuematic logic control switches - they sense inputs (from something) and then provide a logic decision. Typically, they are mounted on a DIN rail which is what you have.

    The middle device will have a part number on it somewhere though you may be able identify it in a Parker Hannifin Pnuematic components catalog.
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