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Thread: Ideas to create device that creates maximum amount of air drag.

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    Post Ideas to create device that creates maximum amount of air drag.

    Good day everyone!

    I am new here and been scouring the internet in hopes of figuring out my dilemma to which I figured I would try this forum. If I am in the wrong forum please advise.

    I am running experiments based off my own theory and curiosity involving drag/air resistance.
    The goal is to create a simple, basic design that creates the maximum amount of drag within the device.
    I aim to have the device no bigger than half the size of your palm for spot size.
    Examples of prior experiments for me pulling off my goal was.

    1. A pill bottle turned upside down and a hole cut into the bottom so that when the open face of the pill bottle faces the surface to which I am studying the drag is open to the surface. A tube is placed through the hole and I blow air into the tube. I then lift the bottom of the pill bottle slightly and rapidly to allow air to shoot out then close the bottom of the pill bottle again. This gives me minimal drag.

    2. Running an inverted pill bottle across a gap. Once the bottle passes the gap it catches ambient air and the side it passes the gap onto will suffer from a fair bit of drag within the inverted pill bottle.

    With these examples I am looking to create a universal device to which I can use on any flat surface that will create as much drag as my second example. It can involve merely a device to move along with your hand or something you can blow air into and force air through a small opening. It does not matter.

    If anyone can be of help it would be greatly appreciated and would be very appreciative.

    Thank you for your time.


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    Not sure what you're try to do a better description would be helpful.

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    Thank you for the reply Civil.

    I am trying to create a device using either compressed air or manual movement that will have a chamber/container and inside that chamber will be some sort of geometry/mechanism that creates a maximum of air drag inside of it. I was hoping someone in this forum would maybe have good ideas as to go about this idea.

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