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Thread: Document Management for Published Drawings

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    Document Management for Published Drawings

    Do you publish your engineering drawings for use?
    How do you distribute your published drawings?

    Our primary business is manufacturing. However we have our own engineering departments for Machine Design Controls Design, Furnace Design, Mold Design, and Facilities Design. Some equipment is custom designed by contract and some equipment is purchased.

    We maintain a database of engineering drawings for other manufacturing departments like, forming, machine repair, maintenance, purchasing, sale & marketing...
    Our "blue print" room distribution was put into a web allocation 22 years ago.
    Our current application allows users to find what they need when they need it. Our engineering drawings are maintained and published for the end user to use. Engineering does not typically hand out drawings as they are needed. We have 250,000 in our database and maintain, design, and redesign cutting edge technology as well as equipment we've been using for the past 80 years.

    We try to provide 1 and only 1 "correct" copy of the drawing needed.
    Our application is old and it's long due for a replacement.

    I'm interesting in examples similar to ours where maintaining equipment and drawings is just as important as the initial design.

    What do you do?

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    Most modern organization use some sort of Drawing Management and Document Management applications. Many CAD software organizations provide built in solutions.

    I would look you your current CAD software provider and see what solutions they offer.

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