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Thread: Standards & Symbols on the drawing Plastic Moulded parts

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    Standards & Symbols on the drawing Plastic Moulded parts

    Hello group.

    Looking for Standards Number that can explain the meaning of symbols used on drawings of Plastic Molded Parts.

    Recently I found website, and drawing of molded part (attached below).

    ISO 20457:2018 - Tolerances for plastic moulded parts - Information on the new standard

    Some symbols specified on the drawing used only on drawings of molded parts and we did not meet it in the past.

    Could anyone to advise Standards Numbers that can explain the meaning of these symbols?


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    ISO 20457
    ISO 10135

    From left to right:

    Part Ejector locations, size, and markings,
    Sink marks not greater than,
    Surface Enlargement allowed for manufacturing optimization

    - and the site you linked to (removed) provided training on the interpretation of the annotation.
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