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Thread: Spring tube calculation/formula

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    Spring tube calculation/formula

    Could anybody out there help me to figure out how to calculate such things?

    I want to make a valve using a tee, I intend to use a piston and compression spring to close the valve and hammer the air out.

    I've figured out how to calculate the working pressure, burst limit and safety factor on the tee, but I don't really know how to calculate what spring I need for the job.

    The working pressure on tee would be 2500psi at 4:1 SF.

    The piston od is 16mm

    Would I need to enclose the piston in a tube for that to work? Or could the piston freely travel through open air and still knock the air out upon mating with the 16mm entry to tee?

    Ideally it's a spring compressible by man of my stature, but if need be could build an arm to actuate it.

    If anybody could point me in the way of proper formulas or advice I would appreciate it. Thanks

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    I read your words but cannot get a mental image of what you are describing. A picture is worth a thousand words...

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    Sure thing. It's like the oldest air guns I think.



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