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Thread: Unload product from conveyor belt to a non slippery

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    Unload product from conveyor belt to a non slippery

    I am a recently graduated Manufacturing engineer, I am developing a production line for the first time, and I am facing a doubt about the real application.

    What are possible solutions to unload a product utilizing just the conveyor system to a non-slippery surface?
    Do I really need something to push it through a pneumatic system, or there is a possible simple solution?

    The product is big 1000x750mm and will be unloaded using through the longest section.
    The product is considered slippery it is a wooden mold with 30kg, it will be loaded to a shelf fixated in a pallet, and later on this pallet with the items will be loaded into a ASRS stacker crane, due to the acceleration and deceleration the surface of the shelf should be non-slippery. But doing, so I have to solve the Conveyor unloading problem.
    Because there should be no inclination because the product is a high density fluid, but still should not leave the mold.

    I hope it was clear enough,
    Thanks in advance

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    I would consider that the non-slippery surface that you load onto could slightly lower, then reciprocate horizontal toward the product then raise for contact and reciprocate back and unload from the conveyor.

    That's my first thought..

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