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Thread: How to calculate the damping on a cylinder

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    How to calculate the damping on a cylinder

    1000 psi of fluid acts on the head of the shuttle from the right , compression the spring . There are small bypass holes in array around the cylinder to help dampen the force. My question is, how do I calculate the damping effect. where do I start ? Please see attachment above.
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    Here's Page on shock absorbers.

    Also here's a spring with damping effects simulator and associated formulas.
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    Many thanks

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    Reduction of the piston velocity at one or both ends of the stroke to reduce mass forces. If the ends of the stroke are at the end positions of the piston, end position damping is used, which requires design measures on the cylinder (Figure D 2).
    Calculate the damping ratio: The damping ratio formula is ζ=c2√(km) ζ = c 2 ( k m ).

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