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Thread: Dispense Label Only When "Pass" signal is received from Hipot Tester

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    Dispense Label Only When "Pass" signal is received from Hipot Tester


    I am trying to improve our Hipot testing process. Specifically, I want a label dispenser that I can hookup the output signal of the Hipot tester to so that it outputs 1 and only 1 label when a "pass" signal is received and no labels if any other signal is received or no signal is received. Does anyone know of a good device that can do this?


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    Your Hipot testing equipment is where you start. Look to see if the manufacturer offers a addon that addresses your need.

    If not, consider the outputs available on the tester or equipment you use and identify potential read and print options on the market.
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    The Hipot equipment manufacturer would be my first source of info. Knowing the 'pass' signal output type would help tremendously.

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    Can you provide manufacturer info on your Hipot tester? If so I should be able to tell you your options for output signalling.

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