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Thread: Thin wall tube go / no-go gauge thoughts

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    Thin wall tube go / no-go gauge thoughts

    I am currently having problems with thin walled tubing (.020) that is laser cut and has an END run out of .004/.008 (not flat ends). After cut, they are mounting over a spring unit that is slightly smaller in diameter and welded. The problem I am having is the runout on the tubes when seated is causing an angular motion that allows the spring to rub the thin walled tube.

    A. Is there a way to create a go/no-go gauge to check the tube ends straightness? Or an idea to create one?
    B. Is there a process to flatten the ends that have severe runout (grinding)?

    Much appreciated coments.


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    Can't quite visualize your problem from the description but suggest you look at equipment and methods for reloading firearm cartridges.

    Once fired cartridges have expanded to seal in the chamber and are sometimes dented. The thin wall brass case is resized and occasionally trimmed to deal with the stretching in order to be reused.

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