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Thread: Chemical, material, or electrical engineering?

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    Chemical, material, or electrical engineering?

    hey guys I'm currently a first year engineering student and am at the point in my undergrad where I need to choose which engineering field i would like to go to. I've narrowed my choices to electrical engineering, material engineering, and chemical engineering. Could you please point of the pros and cons of each profession, as well as the job opportunity involved and salary. I want to work in a city like Vancouver not having to move out very far. Concerning course matter im fine with all of them. I'm just stuck at the crossroads of which one to choose?

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    Shami, take it from an old fart who spent most of his life following his passion and that for me was Mechanical Engineering. I never once saw it as a job, so rather than waste time trying to pick things on the basis of money etc, do something that you are passionate about. The money will come and the work will not seem like work. Hell, half the jobs I have done I would have done for free, I loved the projects so much. Have never heard someone say "I can't believe they pay me to do this."

    If you go for the money instead of the love, please come back in a few years time and tell us all how happy you are.

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    An Artist, sculptor or a chef......mmmm tricky do as he says and go for the one you enjoy

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