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Thread: Need Information of automobile parts

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    Need Information of automobile parts

    According to the characteristics of parts and the total number of stress cycles, fatigue failure can be divided into: crack-free parts of the fatigue fracture failure and crack parts of the fatigue fracture failure. For different types of fatigue failure, the analysis methods are different: when high cycle fatigue occurs, the yield strength should be below, and the life of the parts is mainly controlled by the crack nucleation life. The stress of low cycle fatigue is higher than that of yield strength, and its life is greatly influenced by the crack propagation life. Generally, automobile parts are low stress and high cycle fatigue fracture. Fatigue fracture failure mechanism: Fatigue fracture of metal parts is essentially a cumulative damage process, which can be divided into slip, crack nucleation, emblem crack propagation, macroscopic crack propagation and final fracture.

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    Is there a question next or is this your introduction post and then spam?
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