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Thread: Gantry A frame analysis

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    Gantry A frame analysis

    Good morning,

    I'm working on the design of a basic gantry,
    I want to be able to give a detailed report of calcs to support its design,
    The beam design is simple.
    However, I was wondering how you guys would approach the loading of the End supports,
    We are using a traditional A frame assembly.
    The issue is not whether it will stand, it is generating an appropriate math model for the loads seen by the A-frames.

    I have broken my reaction force into an axial force and looked at critical buckling and compressive failure but want to look at the combination of axial load and moments.
    each leg of the A frame, will obviously take a compressive load but also a moment applied by the deflection of the beam and also a moment applied as the load is not axial.

    I have dug and dug but can't find any good resources for A frame design, anyone have any suggestions?

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    Not to be a hard time but why would you want to design a "basic gantry" when there are so many inexpensive systems available for easy purchase?

    The analysis needed would be static equation and comparing each structural component materials to expected loading.

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