Is this the right forum to discuss the design of a large structure to withstand highly unlikely but potentially catastrophic flooding, e.g. downstream of a failed dam?

It would not only have to be resilient to the physical impact of the onrush, but would need to withstand partial submersion in up to 70m of flood water (for an indefinite period of time).

The structure would also need to permit ingress of flood water, but at a controlled rate, such that internal spaces were flooded ‘gently’, especially the higher internal spaces that would contain delicate (albeit water proof) recording equipment. It is expected that some kind of large scale water hammer arrestor/shock absorber may be necessary given the initial 70m/7bar pressure differential. Vents of upper internal spaces could also be constrictive (of small dimension) in order to assist in reducing the rate at which flood water rose within the structure.

A large internal space could also be set aside as a sort of buffer cistern to absorb an initially high rate of water ingress.

So, is this an appropriate forum, or is there a more appropriate one for this kind of structure?

I have diagrams and can explain further.