Hello everyone,
I am currently undertaking an internship in the field of maritime construction, focusing on a concrete block massif quay. As part of my project, I will be utilizing the SCIA Engineer and RFEM software tools for structural analysis and design. However, I am facing difficulties in finding online resources that specifically address the application of these software tools to maritime construction.
I am reaching out to this community seeking guidance, advice, and resources related to the following aspects:

  1. SCIA Engineer and RFEM for maritime construction: I would greatly appreciate any information or case studies that demonstrate the usage of these software tools specifically for analyzing and designing concrete block quays, particularly in the maritime environment.
  2. Recommended tutorials or learning materials: If you know of any tutorials, guides, or learning resources that provide step-by-step instructions or examples on using SCIA Engineer and RFEM for maritime construction projects, please share them with me.
  3. Best practices and tips: If you have personal experience or insights on effectively utilizing SCIA Engineer and RFEM for similar projects, I would love to hear about your best practices, tips, and any lessons learned.

I am eager to enhance my understanding of these software tools and their application in the maritime construction domain. Your assistance would be immensely valuable in helping me overcome the current challenges I am facing.