Hey guys, Iím new here.

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Iím planning on constructing a floating tabletop in an office against a window. I can have 2 support points only from left and right since itís against a window which i am unable to alter or touch. A third support point is also needed as my project is 4.5m long. The third support point will be midway and supported vertically from above with steel cables and cable tensioners.

The weight of my glass table tops will be approximately 25 KG for the left and 38 KG for the right.

My question is what do you think of aluminum tubing for this project? This project has been designed with 4.5m long stainless steel bars (3x3cm) (2mm thick) anchored from column to column. Mainly due to steelís strength and also its mirror finish. However, I am hoping to see other peoples opinions on the matter particularly towards aluminum before I pull the plug on stainless steel.