Hello dear Engineers-Edge community,

I am a student and at the time an intern in a company.

Here I should help with the automation of a impedance matching system where I should choose a
Microcontroller (Arduino, PLC or Raspberry Pi comes to mind) and with those I should automate the application.
For this, values from a voltage and a current sensor should be received (there are 2 sensors in the input and 2 on the output side of the system) and with those the impedance of the system should be calculated. At the same time motors should change the capacitors and coils in the system to change the impedance to a certain value (There are 8 variable capacitors and 4 variable coils). The motors to change the impedancare are stepper motors. The values should then be shown on a display and the desired impedance should propably be inputed by a keyboard, but it's not set in stone yet.

Now I was wondering how I should decide on the right microcontroller... I am not used to working or to be precise choosing between microcontrollers. It's hard for me to research for a good microcontroller for this application, and I was hoping that maybe one of you could give me recommendations or tips where and how to choose suitable microcontrollers.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

With many thanks