Hoping someone can help a mechanical person with an electrical (sort of) question. I have a motorcycle keyfob or smart key style fob that I would like to duplicate. I have already done so with a passive VVDI Superchip and this allows me to place the chip over the reader to start the bike. What I would like to do now is create a second active (if thats the right term) fob that will start using proximity.

I have found plenty of universal fobs out there, but it seems I can't find one with the proper parameters. My current fob is 868MHz and uses a 4D transponder chip. I can find 868MHz fobs that use ID46 or ID49 chips or I can find 4D chips with the wrong frequency.

Is it possible to clone a 4D chip to a ID49 chip? It seems like the ID46 and ID49 chips are more secure (higher bit) but other than that I cant find much other info. Are there any other options?

To buy a replacement from the dealer is hundreds of dollars, so I'm trying to be creative.