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Thread: who is an engineer? aperson having following.......................

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    who is an engineer? aperson having following.......................

    which persons are considered engineers.
    a person having BE/BS degree are considered full engineers or a person having MS Degrees are considered engineers.

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    A person possessing a bachelor degree in engineering from an accredited engineering school may legitimately call themselves an engineer.

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    It really comes down to what you are navigating. On paper, at school, or wading through HR, a degree is important and, of course, the higher the degree, the more knowledge is assumed. Yes, a degree is often a pre-requisite, but not necessarily an engineering degree.
    However, some of the best and smartest engineers I have ever worked with had no college degree. They were highly self-taught and could blow the doors off any school test or problem at work. Usually have a Much broader skill set as well.

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