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Thread: How To Make Tension Spring Tab/Flange

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    How To Make Tension Spring Tab/Flange

    I want to make a bent flange that can flex to hold pressure against a surface (see attached pics) and have it be able to return to it's normal position for repeated assembly/disassembly for service. This is used to hold a panel against a box frame which is currently unsupported on the inner edge and allows it to flex outward. It fastens to the outside edge and there's no good place to add fasteners to the inside, let alone reach them for service after the machine is fully built, so I'm thinking of making a hook like tab that can fit thru a window and hold the inner edge.

    The tab fits thru a window in the frame and holds on the inside face. Right now I've got it designed as 22 GA CRS sheet and am curious what, if any, heat treating I would need to make this happen or if a different gauge sheet would be better. Any help would be appreciate, thanks!
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