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Thread: Non-manual release buckle for concussion model

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    Non-manual release buckle for concussion model

    I am developing a concussion model (pictured), which accelerates down a track using a pneumatic actuator and reaches a deadstop, causing the head to whiplash.

    I want to be able to tilt the skull 20 degrees forward to be able to investigate the effects that this has on the likelihood of concussion (using rotational data from a sensor in skull).

    I have designed a strap which when tensioned and shortened using a ratchet in the middle of the strap, it tilts the skull forward as desired.

    However, I need to be able to release this tension and therefore the tilt in the head right at the moment before impact, as to avoid my strap mechanism from impacting how the head rotates post-impact.

    As such, I'm looking at redesigning the straps by replacing the ratchet with some sort of buckle mechanism - this buckle would need to be able to provide adequate tension while releasing in some non-manual way i.e a side buckle requiring the press of two fingers is not possible. Does a buckle exist that can react to a light beam or something similar (longshot but would solve all issues in this project)
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