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Thread: Calculations for Dup Trailer Body Prop

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    Calculations for Dup Trailer Body Prop

    I'm hoping someone can offer advice. I am designing a Prop for a Dump Trailer tipping body and have been asked to submit a hand written report showing all calculations.

    We would usually outsource the calculations but we are looking to start doing them 'in-house'.

    I haven't had to carry out calculations for many a year as I have usually relied on software... Which has left me over reliant on it.

    Does anyone know of any reference material for anything resembling calculating the load on a support on an inclined load supported at one end by a pair of pivot pins.

    I am only interested in the calculations for the prop.

    I was initially assuming that it would almost be done as a simply supported beam under a UDL, but I don't want to just assume as it has been a long time since I've had to excercise the old grey matter upstairs.

    I'm confident enough if there was any examples of similar hand written reports out there I could use as a reference to jog my memory.

    I am aware that this is very basic, and I should hang my head in shame but I have never had to actually write up a calculation in a real world scenario besides when at college


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    If you're venturing into hand calculations after relying on software, there are resources available to refresh your memory. Consider consulting engineering handbooks or textbooks on structural mechanics. Look for sections on calculating loads on beams and supports, particularly for inclined loads. Additionally, online forums or professional networks might offer examples of similar reports to guide you through the process. Don't hesitate to seek guidance from colleagues or mentors experienced in manual calculations.

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