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Thread: Water hammer simulation problem

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    Water hammer simulation problem

    Hey everyone!
    I'm currently learning to utilize a free software called Allievi for calculating water hammer effects in piping systems.
    The system itself is quite straightforward. It originates from a water tank and flows towards another tank positioned at a higher elevation (at atmospheric pressure). A pump is installed between these two tanks to raise the water.
    The simulation involves shutting off the pump and observing until the water stops oscillating.


    However, the graph I'm observing at the node next to the pump doesn't seem accurate. According to expectations, the amplitude of the pressure wave should diminish over time, correct? So, I'm curious about why there's an increase in the amplitude of the wave.

    Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you!

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    Yes, that's not right there should be spike then fading ripples of pressure. I've never heard of that software but free may be the problem.

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    You can compare results with this calculator

    Water Hammer Calculator

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