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Thread: Bearing selection for fatigue loading

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    Bearing selection for fatigue loading

    Hi all, I want to build a test rig for bolts. I require two types of bearings NUP 314 ECP and F4B 010-FM. I am a bit confused in selecting as I don't get if they will work under fatigue loading. For NUP 314 ECP the sinusoidal loading is upto 115 kN amplitude with a frequency of 15 Hz whereas for F4B 010-FM the sinusoidal loading is 5 kN with a frequency of 15 Hz. Can you kindly guide me in this prospect so that I can incorporate these into my design?

    Thank you for your response in advance.


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    You are asking a question that should ONLY be answered by the bearing manufacturer. When your test rig fails, you don't want to say "Well some guys that I don't know on an engineering forum told me it would work." Manufacturers have application engineering departments. Their ONLY job is to help you properly use their product. Pick a manufacturer or two and call them. Talk to a live person in Application Engineering.

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