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Thread: How to contact Webmaster?

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    How to contact Webmaster?


    I signed up fpr a free account and I had access to the free calculators like the 'Fixed Floating Calulator'. I keep being asked to log in over and over and over again.

    • Step 1: Login
    • Step 2: Search for what I need
    • Step 3: Click on the link
    • Step 4: I'm asked to login
    • Step 5: See Step 2 bacuse I am met with the same page over and over.

    I am using Chrome, I have Java and Flash Installed. I have also tried Edge and Opera GX, the matter persists. This is keeping me in a hesitant state to consider buying a Premium account. Iff anyone provides feedback please make it step by step.

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    Your internet browser is caching webpages and needs to be cleared.

    Search the internet for how to do this. - Logout, clear cache, log back in.

    Try to not clear your cookies as you may find these helpful when visiting websites you regular.

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    I tried that and it worked once.


    1. Cleared Browser Cache
    2. Added your site to trusted sites
    3. Activated 'Allow Third Party Cookies'.

    It's back to doing what it did before even on Opera and Edge. Maybe I'll try Firefox.

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    Okay Sir, so I added your site to allow for everything, pop-ups, images, ect. Seems to work now. I just closed my browser and clicked on the free Fixed Floating Fastener Calc and it worked. If I have any other issues I'll hit you up again here.

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