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Thread: Rigging Estimater

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    Rigging Estimater

    I am looking for information on the strength of a 8" diameter shaft 10' long. I want to use it as a reverse spreader bar to layover a press. The press will be spanning 27" each way from the center out. Any thoughts on this would be helpful.

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    I am thinking "get an Engineer," unless of course what you are lifting is worthless and also will not be endangering property and human life if it crashes to the ground.

    An 8" diameter shaft x 10' suggest some heavy lifting. IF it does fail and people are hurt, you are going to have a fairly unpleasant time of it without an Engineer to fall back on.

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    "reverse spreader bar"
    Not sure what you are asking.

    Are you looking for compression strength, tension strength,
    multiple point loads on a 8"x10' horizontal "beam", or something altogether different?

    What kind of weight are you dealing with?

    A picture would help; there may be a better, or easier, way to do this.

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