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Thread: Buckling and Deflection Analysis on ANSYS

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    Buckling and Deflection Analysis on ANSYS

    I performed an analysis on a bike frame using ANSYS Workbench 13 and I got the following results (I was trying to calculate deflection/deformation)

    - Set a mass of 80 kg on the bike and calculated the deflection which ANSYS (Static structural) provided as: 4mm
    - Tried to validate using Castigliano's theorem which was: 6mm
    *SO far this seems about right.

    Then I went on to Perform a buckling analysis on ANSYS and it gave me a load multiplier of 1.99 which is roughly 159kg.

    - I set the mass to 159kg on ANSYS (Linear Buckling) and it gave me a deflection of: 1.1mm
    - Validated using hand calculations and it gave me a value of 1.5mm.
    * Again this also seems right seeing as the answers converge.

    Now the problem is that how do I get a lower deflection with a higher mass?

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