First, re-read the rules and posting policy -->

Engineers Edge bans access for a variety of reasons - banned members may be banned for one day, one week or forever. We tend to ban folks "forever" from the forum posting areas as we have lost patience after twleve years online of dealing with spammers, and other challenging people and internet software robots.

If you have been banned from the entire Engineers Edge network - well, let's just say you or somebody on your network did something that we deem dangerous to our servers, users, or copyright.

Be aware that we have lifted bans after we have determined no fault.

Here are some more common reasons we ban folks from the Engineers Edge network.

  • Hacking of any sort
  • Copying Engineers Edge articles to your hard drive (we assume you’re going to republish).
  • Email spam
  • Posting a survey without permission
  • Obscene username or email
  • Posting copyright protected materials of any form without owner permission.
  • Posting of personal attacks against another member, moderator or administrator in any forum.
  • Posting of insults in any forum.
  • Attacking family members in any way, shape or form.
  • No trolling - Which we define as the posting of inflammatory, irrelevant, or off-topic posts with the primary intent of provoking other users into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting or deflecting on-topic discussion.
  • No Explicit Sexual Topics or photos
  • No Politics outside of FOO Forum. The only exception is non-partisan posts when dealing with news or legislation.
  • No Religion or religious topics outside of the FOO.
  • Spam or promotion of your personal site for advertising purposes.
  • Posting of any form of advertising including: URL's with affiliate codes, referrer tags or anything which actively promotes a site or company.
  • Using the addresses of any member on the forum for any other purpose than one on one personal communication. Any mailing in bulk to the forum Members or any unsolicited e-mail to members will result in immediate suspension of your membership.
  • Posting of personal messages, in whole or in part, which have been received by you. That includes posting them on other sites without the expressed permission of the sender. We consider Private Messages to be private.
  • Attempting to get around the forum profanity rules by modifying the spelling of prohibited words.
  • Creating an account for the purpose of representing yourself as another person, company or entity.
  • Registering more than one account. If you share a connection, please contact a moderator/administrator before signing up another account or BOTH will be terminated. NOTE: If you sign up a new account during a suspension you will be banned and not allowed to sign up for an account again.
  • Use of a false, invalid or "one-time" e-mail address.
  • Promoting links to an eBay auction or other auction site (this is considered advertising).
  • Posting Information on how to defraud any company or promotion of any kind of illegal or unethical activity.
  • Anything aimed at defrauding or taking advantage of another company, exploiting flaws or weaknesses in their systems or sites.
  • Posting personal information (full name, street address, etc of another member or non-member without their consent).
  • Anything that could interfere with the viewing of the forum by other members - including any Java or Java script, MARQUEE or other page altering tags.
  • Signatures which violate EE guidelines. As a courtesy to fellow users utilizing low screen resolutions and/or slow Internet connection speeds, keep you signatures and signature pictures within the guidelines.
  • Posting complete nonsense, gibberish or using the forum to play posting games.
  • Attempting "forum domination". This includes creating new threads in a forum when a large number of yours are still on the first page of that forum.
  • Continued posting in a manner that antagonizes other members such as trolling, making posts difficult to read or comprehend, repetitively posting the same thing, or posting in a style that lowers the overall quality of the forum. This determination will be made on a case-by-case basis by the moderators and administrators and is at their sole discretion.
  • Moderators reserve the right to remove any posts, signatures, or avatars that violate forum rules, that may antagonize other members, or for any other reason they deem appropriate.
  • Taking moderation in your own hands. If you see something posted that you think needs moderating attention please use the "Report This Post" feature, the icon in the corner of all posts but your own, to bring it to a moderator's attention.
  • Attacking or harassing any moderator or administrator on the forum, by PM or via email.
  • Ignoring or arguing with warning posts a moderator or administrator makes in a thread. If you think the warning is unjust please PM them to discuss it.
  • No posting of pictures that a member could reasonably be called on to explain if overseen in the office by a co-worker or boss or in the home by a spouse. We're not assuming that the member works in the Vatican nor, on the other extreme, are we assuming the member is married to a exotic movie star.

Each forum area of Engineers Edge may have additional rules that need to be followed for that specific area. These will be found in a sticky thread at the top of that forum.

If want to get your access back – send a note to a moderator or the administrator and we can discuss.


If you post advertising or promotions for your company or a company you work for or pose as a consumer discussing your product you may be charged for advertising on Engineers Edge and hereby agree to pay in full and advertising fee for your posts up to $5,000.