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Thread: Profile of a Surface

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    Profile of a Surface

    I'm currently in school for Machine Tool Operation and we are currently doing a project on GD&T. The topic that I have to make a presentation on is the Profile of a Surface and i'm finding it very hard to collect enough information on it to create a decent presentation. I am posting in this forum in hopes that some engineers and people more familiar with GD&T may be able to help explain and make things a lot more clear for me. Thanks!!!

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    Hmmm, asking is easier than working eh?

    "Profile of a Surface"
    About 924,000 results

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    Do you have access to a copy of ASME/ANSI Y14.5 or one of several training manuals for GD&T. You will find it difficult to present a meaningful presentation on Profile of a Surface without a basic understanding of GD&T. Good luck!

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    The key thing with profile of a surface or line is data density. You want to have the concentration of your points to reflect the actual surface, now depending upon the surface being measured(and how it is done) will impact the validity of your data. If you are going to use a CMM in your presentation, I would look at a scanning CMM over a touch trigger, or you could use a laser scanner.


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