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Thread: Choosing a type of conveyor belt.

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    Choosing a type of conveyor belt.

    Hi all,

    i would like to seek some help with regards to choosing of the types of belting for a conveyor.

    Currently, I'm doing up a small conveyor project which transports a magnetic ticket. The idea is that the ticket is 'sandwiched' in between two belts.

    the youtube link provided below is my product design and it'll give a clearer view on how the ticket moves.

    Basically, the belts are in contact with each other and they move through friction created between them.

    The problem is that I'm not too sure on what type of belts should i use.


    The image link that i've attached shows a similar product. It shows that the top and bottom belts are of a different material. I think the bottom one is rubber but am not sure about the top belt.

    Any ideas? is it nylon, cotton or polyester? os something else?

    hope to get some feedback,
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