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Thread: Why is Engineer Edge Requiring Me to Register Anyway?

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    Confused Why is Engineer Edge Requiring Me to Register Anyway?

    Short Answer: To verify that you are a human and not a software robot.

    Long Answer:

    Currently, Engineers Edge website gets over 2 million human visitors from all over the world every thirty days. These humans are viewing many millions of WebPages – for FREE.

    Additionally, Engineers Edge gets many thousands of web-based software robots (Bots) visiting, downloading, indexing, spamming and other activities. Now, there are some very good web-based software robots such as Googlebot, Bingbot, and others. However, there are literally thousands + of “Bots” that are of no value to you or Engineers Edge dominating ours and your bandwidth. These “Bots” are designed to do a variety of tasks, such as:

    • Collect email addresses (for spamming and selling later).
    • Steal passwords
    • Steal copy-right protected articles, images, scripts and other data to republish.
    • Hack websites (looking for vulnerabilities in applications)
    • Spy on you and Engineers Edge.
    • Post script viruses in forums, forms and comment based activities for you to down load.
    • Spamming contact forms available on Engineers Edge.
    • Spamming you via contact me scripts in forums, user contributed articles, etc.
    • Hack your computer
    • Install a virus on your computer via a hacked website, email, script placed on a forum or webpage.
    • DDOS attacks, etc.

    You get the idea – the bottom line is that these Bots can cause a lot of problems for you and Engineers Edge, as well as consume a lot of bandwidth thus slowing you down trying to do legitimate work and research.

    The internet is an ugly place behind the scenes and Engineers Edge is doing every thing we can to bring you the very best engineering resource on the web. Also, your privacy, and ability to access a safe and fast reference resource are of the utmost importance to Engineers Edge.

    By requiring Engineers Edge high repeat users register we are stopping a majority of these malicious software robots and creating a safer, faster resource for you.

    Registration is free and no we don’t spam – not in our twelve years of existence have we ever spammed.

    Thanks for reading – safe internet travels!

    Kelly Bramble
    Engineers Edge
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