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Thread: Manufacturing with thin Foil Advice Needed

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    Manufacturing with thin Foil Advice Needed

    Is there anyone on the forum who has any experience manufacturing small pressed cups in tin foil?
    I am looking for either a machine to do this or ---------------------------

    Foils are typically 0.01 to 0.02mm thick.

    All advice most welcome


    No solicitations...
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    Hi Rumplestiltskin... And welcome to the forum.

    If you do a search... "paper cup machinery" you'll get a bunch of folks building equipment that'll pop out foil cups as well. There's also a little monthly or bi-monthly book called Surplus Record that is a great source for hunting down used machinery. I'd guess they have a website too?

    I'd talk to a couple builders of new equipment before I'd start looking at used though. By shopping new the sales people will educate you on what is available out there and what sort of volume and costs etc. Then if you decide to consider used you'll have an idea of what to look for and better understand what you're looking at.

    Good luck,

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