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Thread: Is it important to save water even in a region with plentiful water resources?

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    Is it important to save water even in a region with plentiful water resources?


    My brother always told me from washing any dish by hand. He says it is important to save water and protect the planet's resources. This seems to me completely , unnecessary, since we live in a region of Canada with lots of rain and high humidity. Water is very cheap here and in fact we have unlimited use, except we barely use it, All time you save water.

    Any information would be great!

    Thanks a lot again
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    Importance, as beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

    In my opinion, repeat - "opinion", there is no such thing as wasting water. Remember the water cycle? Its not like it just disintegrates and goes away.

    That being said, what you are "wasting" ("using" is a better word in my opinion) is the energy and resources involved in providing that water to you and processing it after you are done with it. If you are happy with the price you are paying for those resources, and the providers of those services are happy with the revenue they are receiving, then no one else's opinion matters.

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    most things that you use water for will require gas or electric so yes it is important

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