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Thread: Rubber Part Manufacturing Processes

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    Rubber Part Manufacturing Processes

    I am looking for any info or suggestions on having a rubber part made. We currently produce a product with a storage bin that is lined with carpet. We want to replace this carpet with a one-piece rubber liner. The liner has to offer some cushioning but also be non-porous and cleanable. The items that are stored in the bin contain liquid and may leak. The size of the bin is about 22 x 15 x 10 deep. The required thickness of the liner is about 1 1/2" at the base and 1/2" for the side walls The problem is the volume of bins we require is pretty low (about 200 per year). Ive looked into moulding the part but tooling cost for a steel mould is kind of high for such a low volume. The tolerances for the part are very loose and the volume is low so maybe another manufacturing process would be better? I dont have much experience with rubber parts so any help would be appreciated.

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    This sounds similar to vibratory deburring tub liners. Start with the Thomas Register website and see if you can find a deburrer manufacturer that will either tell you who does their tub liners or maybe get them to do them for you if it is an in-house process.

    That might get you started.

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    Have you considered urethane? I have had personal experience with custom molded urethane parts on several projects and have found the tooling costs to be very reasonable, in fact outright cheap. You might look into that option. There are LOTS of custom molded urethane houses online. If you need some specific recommendations send me a private email.

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    Hi Markley - here's a silly idea

    EPE foam for cushioning (1 piece wrap around for the sides + 1 piece base) + a non-woven plastic bag insert (same material has long life supermarket shopping bags) - this can all be done in low volume.

    OR, PU (polyurethane) - same material they make stress toys from. Mould wouldn't be that much.

    good luck / simon

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