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    Bang Head Clamp Force Between Centers

    I have an application for welding rolls. The part is held between centers and the centers are held in 3 jaw chucks. Assume one chuck to be fixed. The other chuck is on a moving cart and uses a 4" bore air cylinder to apply the clamp force to pinch the roll between the centers. If the roll is 4000 lbs what is the force required to clamp the part between the centers. Too many years in management has erased my skills on this subject.

    Friction between the roll center and the steel center is difficult to evaluate because these are not new parts. Some are rusty and other are clean. The center is hard. Rotational speeds are very slow 3.00 rpm or less and likely running 1.5 or less most of the time. Customer has low air pressure and I will be adding a booster to increase the pressure and want to understand how much will be required.

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