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Thread: College Senior Project Help

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    College Senior Project Help

    Hello Everyone! I'm in the middle of a mind crisis on my senior design project. I am a electro-mechanical major and I just can't seem to get it together in terms of coming up with any ideas. Each time I pick something it either becomes too costly or impractical. Any ideas or comments would be greatly appreciated.

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    When I was starting senior design (3 or so years ago) there were companies of all sizes that would offer projects to senior design students. This mitigated the headaches of (a) coming up with a feasible project on your own that might be rejected by the senior design committee and (b) worrying about how the project is going to be funded.

    If you're really hitting a wall with this and this option is not available through your college, I would suggest trying to find a company (smaller will probably be easier) that has a small engineering project they need done. You'd have to make sure the intellectual property rights to the project are settled before you start, however. I'm not sure how your university specifically works but at mine the companies would have to make a settlement of around $5000 with the college to own all IP rights to each project they sponsor, but to my knowledge, no one ever had a problem with this.

    Anyway, just a thought.

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    I can't speak for others but I would be more inclined to offer suggestions after seeing some more information (effort) from you. Indicate to us what regions of your craft you are interested in and what you have done so far. As your post currently reads, it leaves me to assume you have thought of a few things and are now just being lazy and asking for anything on everything.

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