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Thread: Stress and Bending of a Beam? Details Below

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    Stress and Bending of a Beam? Details Below

    304 Stainless Steel Beam 63" in length
    I have a 500 lb. load at 10.44" from the left side of the beam
    I have another 500 lb. load at 18.44" from the right side of the beam.

    What equations do I need to find the stress and bending of the beam.
    The beam is connected at each end with another 304 stainless steel beam that is the main support.

    Thank you

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    First, convince us this isn't a homework assignment.

    Second, are you an engineer? If you are then you will know which automatic calculator available on this site to use.

    Third, also if you are an engineer you will know what piece(s) of critical information you left out.

    Lastly, if you aren't an engineer and the failure of this structure could possibly in any way have any affect on human safety, then get in contact with an licensed engineer familiar with your local codes.

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    OK wow thanks for the help and no it is not a homework problem, it is summer anyways. I was just looking to get some equations to use. No its not for structural purposes, just some preliminary design/test. There is not an automatic calculator that can calculate what I am asking, therefore that is why I posted this. I am looking for simple beam equations to use


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    That as maybe,

    There *is* and automatic calculator.
    Re-read JB's "Third" statement.

    Here's a clue for you. I have a fishing pole with some green nylon line, how big a fish can I catch before breaking the line or the pole?

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