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Thread: Budget for a Mosquito coil making factory in terms of machinery

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    Budget for a Mosquito coil making factory in terms of machinery

    I want to build a mosquito coin production factory. can anybody help me to get the actual initial cost for this factory in individual category.

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    ? I think you need somebody experienced in this specific area... Chances of finding that person here, who knows.

    Sounds like what you need a business plan...

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    That's a pretty broad request but I'll toss a couple things out there for you.

    First off... If this is indeed something you want to do then you'd better be ready to do some research and work. You can't order up a manufacturing plant like you're calling for a pizza.

    So you want to make mosquito coils...
    From what I recall using the smelly things... they appeared to be molded. So you might want to start by looking at mixing equipment and some sort of means for filling molds? Then I'd guess they would need to run through a conveyor oven of some sort to dry them?

    Good luck,

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    Hi there,

    The mould's themselves aren't very expensive. I guess between 500 to 2000 per mould depending on shots/lifetime.

    The machine, you can buy second hand - I guess $5000 to $10000 - assuming you have engineering support to maintain it.

    thanks / simon

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    I've got your answer right here -

    My favorite!

    Seriously, start with some specifications (how many of what, etc.). Your question is WAY TOO general!

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