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Thread: Why should I become a Leader?

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    Smile Why should I become a Leader?

    I'm an engineer and my dream is to design products that will provide solutions to problems our world faces.
    Sometimes I question myself, why can't I just become a team member, why must I strive to be the leader of my team instead? Are there any benefits of becoming a leader? And will being a leader help make my dream come true?
    I can see the draw backs alright, such as the extra responsibilities, time and sweat put in, but there's also benefits such as glory, but is there more to wanting to become a leader than just glory?
    Why do people want to become leaders in the first place?

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    Hi Pandamon,
    Welcome to the forum...
    The best leaders I've known are folks that aren't in the game for any glory or recognition. The others were clowns... "ooooh... look at me and how important I am." (get it?)

    Do what you want to do and let the cards fall where they may. If you have leader qualities they'll show... if you have clown qualities they'll show too. Be careful not to become the clown.

    Good luck,

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    A leader directs the path the project takes to best achieve it's purpose. Everyone else just does as the leader directs. Having dealt with quite a bunch of totally incompetent "leaders" in my Engineering life, it only makes sense to be at the pointy end to make sure things get done the right way.

    If you have to ask, you probably don't want to be a leader. An old Army saying, "Lead, follow or get out of the damned way."

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