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Thread: Bearing calculations for eccentric shaft assembly

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    Bearing calculations for eccentric shaft assembly

    Hi all,

    I'm designing an eccentric shaft mechanism for a vibrating feeder machine and I'm not sure how to address the calculations to select the appropriate bearings.

    I'm familiar with the procedure for selecting bearings when a constant load is applied to the shaft (e.g. belt pulley, gear, etc), but in this case I'm concerned about the cyclic load that the eccentric shaft transmits to the bearing and the radial acceleration implied.

    I used Inventor's Dynamic Simulation to determine the peak loads that the shaft transmits to the bearings, so I have the radial forces that are applied. now I need to know how to select the bearings for this particular case.

    Any advice would be most appreciated

    Thanks in advance!



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    Hi Jon, not to sound too flippant, but use the max force your dynamic assessment suggests, double it and then add some.

    I am not aware of any exact technical advice for such a situation. You might try some automotive engineering forums as they handle significant reciprocating loads in engines, especially Diesel. But, I suspect it will come down to a bit of trial and error relative to wear life.

    Been wrong before though.

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