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Getting your Free Job Posting Published Tips:

General: This is a free service for both job seekers and employers. When posting your oganizations job opportunity remember that Engineers Edge will verify your organization operations (see more below) before approving your job posting. Your job posting should not require editing by Engineers Edge staff to meet the posting guidelines. Make your listing easy for Engineers Edge staff to verify and approve...

  1. No anonymous email addresses, period. No Yahoo, hot mail, gmail email addresses. Nobody knows who you really are with a anonymous email address and Engineers Edge does not want to expose any of our 1.7 millions visitors to an identity or marketing information collection firm.
  2. Post only the JOB information. No emails, company profile and links, etc. You're advertising a job - not your organization. See Engineers Edge Advertising Center for branding and other advertising opportunities.
  3. Post a current of near future job opportunity.
  4. Details, Details and more Details: Give as much relevant information about the job as possible. Don't be vague - you don't want candidates wasting theirs or your time.
  5. Add keywords: Most job seekers search for available positions using keywords, make sure you use all relevant keywords in your job posting. The entire text of the job, including the title, description, benefits, and company name are searched for instances of the keyword on Engineers Edge Engineering Jobs center. This means you need to include multiple keywords in your job description to make sure you are catching all the potential keywords a candidate may enter. For example, if you are searching for a designer, you should make sure to include the following keywords: drafting, CAD, designer.
  6. Use standard job titles: Use specific but familiar job titles in your postings. This is your first chance to tell job seekers about the job so make sure they understand the job title the first time they read it; otherwise, they may pass over your opening. If the job seekers you are targeting would search for a job by spelling out a title or using an abbreviation, you should use both. For example, if you are searching for someone who does computer aided design, you should also include the acronym CAD in the title of the posting so the posting will come up in more searches.
  7. Job Location: Be clear on the job location and any relocation assistance.
  8. Compensation: Though you may not want to give an exact compensation, give a range. Make sure to point out any bonuses, commissions, or non-monetary compensation, as well. Adding compensation, especially when the salary is higher than the industry average, will boost applications to the posting. Yes, money talks...
  9. Industry: Yes, you should indicate industry.

If you have any suggestions, comments or problems with our engineering career center please use our feedback form.

p.s. - Remember that this is a free service. Good luck!