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PTC 11 - Fans

Objectives The objectives of this Code are: (a) to provide the rules for testing fans to determine performance under actual operating conditions; and (b) to provide additional rules for converting measured performance to that which would prevail under specified operating conditions. Scope The scope of this Code is limited to the testing of fans after they have been installed in the systems for which they were intended. However, the same directions can be followed in a laboratory test. (The laboratory test performance may not be duplicated by a test after installation because of system effects.) The term fan implies that the machine is used primarily for moving air or gas rather than compression. The distinction between fans, blowers, exhausters, and compressors in common practice is rather vague; accordingly, machines that bear any of these names may be tested under the provisions of this Code. (It is conceivable that these machines can also be tested under the provisions of PTC 10, Compressors and Exhausters.) This Code does not include procedures for determining fan acoustical characteristics.


B16.49 - Factory-Made Wrought Steel Buttwelding Induction Bends for Transportation and Distribution Systems

This Standard covers design, material, manufacturing, testing, marking, and inspection requirements for factory-made pipeline bends of carbon steel materials having controlled chemistry and mechanical properties, produced by the induction bending process, with or without tangents. This Standard covers induction bends for transportation and distribution piping applications (e.g., ASME B31.4, B31.8, and B31.11) Process and power piping have differing requirements and materials that may not be appropriate for the restrictions and examinations described herein, and therefore are not included in this Standard.


B16.9 - Factory-Made Wrought Buttwelding Fittings

This Standard covers overall dimensions, tolerances, ratings, testing, and markings for wrought carbon and alloy steel factory-made buttwelding fittings of NPS 1/2 through 48. It covers fittings of any producible wall thickness. This standard does not cover low pressure corrosion resistant buttwelding fittings. See MSS SP-43, Wrought Stainless Steel Butt-Welding Fittings.


B16.10 - Face to Face and End to End Dimensions of Valves

This Standard covers face-to-face and end-to-end dimensions of straightway valves, and center-to-face and center-to-end dimensions of angle valves. Its purpose is to assure installation interchangeability for valves of a given material, type size, rating class, and end connection.


MH1.9 - Export Pallets

The objective of this standard is to describe wood and wood-based pallets which meet the export requirements of the shippers and receivers and the certification requirements of the International Plant Protection Convention(IPPC). The export pallet description minimizes pallet Variations and facilitates pallet uniformity, inspection, testing, and acceptance, thereby fostering universal use of export pallets in international commerce with minimal restrictions.


B56.11.6 - Evaluation of Visibility From Powered Industrial Trucks

This Standard establishes the conditions, procedures, equipment, and acceptability criteria for evaluating visibility from powered industrial trucks. It applies to internal combustion engine powered and electric high lift, counterbalanced, sit-down rider industrial trucks up to and including 10,000 kg (22,000 lb) capacity. inspection, testing, and acceptance, thereby fostering universal use of export pallets in international commerce with minimal restrictions.


Y14.100 - Engineering Drawing Practices

This Standard establishes the essential requirements and reference documents applicable to the preparation and revision of engineering drawings and associated lists. In general terms of addressing the subject area of engineering drawing practices, this Standard should be used in close conjunction with ASME Y14.24M, ASME Y14.34M, and ASME Y14.35M.


A112.19.1M - Enameled Cast Iron Plumbing Fixtures

This standard applies to enameled cast iron plumbing fixtures and includes requirements for materials, construction, inspection, testing, marking, and definitions. Types and sizes of fixtures currently in general use and demand are given for enameled cast iron bathtubs, lavatories, sinks, and laundry trays.


A112.6.7 - Enameled and Epoxy Coated Cast Iron and PVC Plastic Sanitary Floor Sinks

This Standard applies to enameled and epoxy coated cast iron and PVC plastic sanitary floor sinks and includes requirements for material, construction, inspection, testing, and marking. The provisions of this Standard are not intended to prevent the use of any alternate materials or methods of construction, provided any such alternate meets the intent of this Standard.


A17 - Elevator and Escalator Interpretations Nos 2-13

This booklet includes a compilation of A17.1 Interpretations which were issued from June 1979 through May 1989.


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