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boundary lubrication

A state of partial lubrication in a plain bearing where there is no oil film, only an adsorbed monomolecular layer of lubricant in the surfaces.


Bourdon tube pressure gauge

A gauge in which fluid pressure tends to straighten a curved, flattened tube connected to a pointer mechanism; pressure is read from a circular scale. A differential form is available having two tubes connected to a single pointer.


Boyle’s law

States that, for a ‘perfect gas’ the volume of a given mass varies inversely as the pressure at constant temperature.


brittle fracture

Fracture of a material with little or no plastic deformation.


bevel gear

A toothed wheel with teeth formed on a conical surface used for transmitting rotation from a shaft to one at an angle to it in the same plane, usually at right angles.


binary numbers

A scale of numbers with ‘radix’ equal to 2 as opposed to the usual scale radix of 10 (decimal numbers). Only two symbols are used: 0 and 1.


black body

In the study of radiation of heat, a body which completely absorbs heat or light falling on it.


black-body radiation

The quantity or quality of radiation from a black body, e.g. from the inside of a cavity.


bmomial distribution

A distribution used in statistics based on the binomial theorem which gives the probability of an event taking place.


bending moment

The algebraic sum of the moments of all the forces to either side of a transverse section of a beam, etc.


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